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Jodi's massage is one of the most comprehensive massages you could receive. Personally, I think she is the best massage therapist in Noosa, probably the whole of the Sunshine Coast. She loves her work and she really cares about her client's health and well-being. If you want to feel good and get better from injuries, Jodi is the one to see.

Dr Mark Philip Deal.

After having an accident in 1991 and sustaining severe neck and lower back injuries, I have spent 25 years seeking pain relieving treatment from countless specialists, chiropractors, physios, massage therapists etc. and have never been able to find any sort of decent relief from anyone of these until I started seeing Jodie a few months ago. Within 3 treatments and 3 weeks, my life has completely changed from one of living with pain that I had almost become used to as a way of life, to a great weight been taken off my shoulders and enjoying life in a new way again. I can now sit in a chair pain free, bend for hours at a time in my day to day work as a car detailer, and even enjoy hours at a time sitting in my kayak fishing, none of which I could do before seeing her and receiving the benefit of her expertise as a massage therapist. I could not recommend Jodie highly enough to anyone with any muscular or joint pain or even someone just wanting to get a great massage. Thanks Jodie, you are Gold. 10 stars for you!

Chris Powell.

Best ever massage... I started off visiting Jodi when I had a back problem but whether it be for pure pleasure or pain relief she is a miracle worker at both and I am now a committed regular.

Debbie Harper.

Jodi is the best sports masseuse that I have had the pleasure to meet. She makes you feel welcome and you leave walking on air. She has treated me for aches and pains that I have sustained mountain biking and sailing.

Grenville Snowden.

Jodi is a truly talented masseuse. Her intuitive touch and caring nature make her massages pure bliss. You will float away feeling rejuvenated and nurtured.

Dr Samantha Clarke.

I can't speak highly enough about Jodi's massages and professionalism. I live in Victoria and have visited Noosa on a regular basis over the past few years and each time I go I make a point of booking in for a massage or two with Jodi while I'm there. Jodi really takes the time to understand your needs and your body. I have had many massages with many practitioners over the course of my life and I can honestly say that Jodi's are the best.If only I could clone her and bring her down south!

Tracey Johnston.

Jodi is a miracle worker. I could hardly walk from a pinched nerve in my hip. 1 hour with her today was heaven. My movement is already back. I can not recommended her enough. Thank you so so much. xx

Leanne Morris.

If you're seeking a remedial massage from a therapist who is the genuine article, then look no further than Jodi. There are a plethora of 'so-called' massage therapists up here on the Sunny Coast, proclaiming they are the experts - the problem is this; these 'experts' may have the qualifications but from my experience, simply go through the moves they learnt when they qualified - they just never grow or improve their skills! Jodi REALLY knows her stuff. And, well quite simply, why try the rest when Jodi is the best!

Richard Astbury.

Jodie is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever met. Not only is extremely talented and skillful, she is also a great person and goes the extra mile to ensure that your treatment is highly luxurious and a true escape. It is not surprising that she is in such high demand so make sure you book in advance!

Robbie Neller.

Thanks again Jodi for a fabulous massage. My aches are now soothed, my mind is in a zen space and I am fighting fit ready for the next challenge... Keep up the good work. :-)

Leroy Sams.

More than just a Massage Therapist!
After a fall onto my back and weeks of struggling to stand for more than a few hours at with out tears, a beautiful regular customer of my work pointed me in the direction of Jodi.
Now I walked in very confident that Jodi was going to help me with my back as Chris absolutely swore by her, and that she did, two days later I return to work and I stand for 8 hours with out a worry.
But what I did not expect was to walk out feeling so refreshed and inspired.
Jodi helped ease my stress and anxiety with one simple sentence, she helped me refocus my thoughts and energy back to where they needed to be and she inspired me to pursue my dreams.
She is so much more than a Massage Therapist and I look forward to every appointment with Jodi, I leave with a skip in my step and ever so thankful that the universe put me in her Clinic.
Who would of thought I'd be grateful of hurting my back?!

Chelsea Mary Rose.

Best massage ever. I love Jodi, she is very experienced and knowledgeable about her craft. She provides so much more than just a massage.

Karen Harmer.

Pure relief from just one massage!
I need to share with others how thankful I am to Jodi Drysdale from Pure Health Massage. As a Mum to very heavy 1-year-old baby, my back started to protest and one morning I could hardly get out of bed from the pain in my lower back and down one leg. I tried to push through the pain with stretching and gentle exercise with no relief. I called Jodi and she squeezed me in for an appointment that day in her lunch time and after an incredible remedial, strong and beneficial massage I walked out of there with only a hint of pain that continued to disappear as the hours wore on. It is now two weeks later and I am still pain free after just the one massage! Massive Thanks to a true professional, Jodi Drysdale.

Lisa Upton.

The most amazing massage I’ve ever had!! I can’t wait to come back! Thank you Jodi you are amazing :) I’ve told all my family & friends about Pure Health Massage because it’s just SO GOOD! X

Bronte Morris.

Fantastic!!I went to Jodi with significant pain in my left leg, hip and buttock. Jodi did a fantastic job of identifying all of the tight areas and also identified the reason I was feeling this pain. Jodi went above and beyond the massage and did cupping and acupuncture for associated problem areas. I walked out with a huge feeling of relief and also knowledge of how I can prevent this from happening again.

Andrew Power.

Absolutely amazing massage, by a caring, honest and professional lady. Jodi's massage easily relieved my pain by 95%. I've also been following her advice on changing my sleeping posture, which has given me further positive results.

Michelle Andrew.

Jodi is a highly skilled professional massage therapist. I have been seeing Jodi for several years to assist me in the management of a chronic disease. I leave every session feeling relaxed and pain free. I would highly recommend Jodi.

Brigid Duncanson.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
My right calf muscle/leg has been twitching & cramping badly for well over a year now. It affects my sleep, work & life daily. After my amazing massage today, my calf/leg hasn't twitched or cramped at all. Should have seen Jodi sooner. Best masseuse in the universe.
Highly, highly recommended!!!!

Sharon Rolles.

The most beautiful hands and the best ELBOWS, could barely walk last night but this beautiful lady did it again, THANK YOU.

Scott Burdon.

I love Jodi's massages, I go for a relaxing one or one where I need to get rid of a nagging ache or pain. Jodi's uses the best massage oils and essences and her salon makes you feel welcome and special and like Jodi everything is top quality.
I can highly recommend Jodi Drysdale, Pure Health Massage!!

Brenda Breen.

Jodi is a magician!
What an angel. The relief that she has provided me is fantastic.
She knows how to fix me with her incredible remedial massage.
Jodi is such a strong woman and I am able to walk out pain free.
I always book in to see her when I am up in Noosa. Thank you so much Jodi.

Deana Atkins.

Jodi is magic I have never felt better. Such a lovely lady who also offered some great advice.

Katilin Lee.

Just had a superb massage at Pure Health Massage on Gympie Tce . Noosaville .absolute bliss!!!
Also had foot reflexology . Felt like I was walking on air when I left .
What an amazing healing Angel you are Jodi , thankyou , thankyou xxx

Sue Pinnington.

Best massage on the coast! Whether it's helping with sports recovery & muscle soreness, injury rehab or just plain old relaxation Jodi has helped me a lot over the years and she continues to offer the best treatment around!

Jimmy Dawson.

Every treatment I have had has left me feeling energized and helped with pain management.
Jodi is a professional who knows her craft and I always recommend her whenever someone asks. Amazing!!!

Holly Westphal.

I have been seeing Jodi on a regular basis now for almost 4 years now.
Without this lovely lady and her magic hands my life would be a mess.
Not only does she make my aches and pains feel sooooooooo much better she feeds my soul too.
Jodi just seems to know instinctively what my body needs, and her caring nature does the rest.
The best part of my month is the time I spend at Jodi's having a massage. I would highly recommend Jodi to one and all.

Anita Tilly.

Most amazing massage! Walked out feeling like a new person. You never fail to revive, revitalise and relax me. Looking forward to my next massage with Jodi.

Pauline Cookman.

The best massage/treatment I have had in over 2 years.. Jodi identified my problem immediately and with her compassion and technique my pain melted away... very highly recommend...

Sandra Dilworth.

Jodi is amazing I can go to here for treatment be all wound up and walk out completely relaxed and follow the advice given and remain that way for quite some time. We all know life tests us and i am no different however after seeing Jodi it makes it a lot easier to cope not to mention how physically awesome i feel too.
Jodi you relax and refresh me and i highly recommend your services. Thank you for treating me for some time now and many more years ahead...

Gayle Bronson.

*Jodi is amazing* I having been seeing Jodi for regular treatments over the past few years and she always resolves my neck and shoulder issues. Jodi offers holistic care in a beautiful relaxed setting and I always walk away feeling uplifted (and maybe a little bit gooey). Love the thoughtful little extras (hair ties, lollies, tailored essential oils). Thanks Jodi x

Belinda Clare. R.N.

After a nasty fall I have had constant muscle pain for nearly a week. After one hour with Jodie I finally have a bit a pain relief and been able to get some rest. Highly recommend for anyone needing massage for pain relief or just want some pampering. Thanks Jodi

Allison Graham-Rapley.

I had a wonderful massage from Jodi which helped enormously with all the aches and pains I get from my occupation. Felt fantastic afterwards and would definitely recommend. Thanks Jodi.

Brendan Nicholls.

Five star service.
I would personally recommend Jodi as an extremely competent and intuitive massage therapist.
Caring intuitive and supportive.

Robyn Metcher.

I've been receiving deep tissue & remedial massages from Jodi for over fifteen years and she’s always able to find the sore spots. Add to that her caring nature and the aroma of essential oils, I’m left feeling relaxed yet vibrant after every session. I highly recommend a visit!

Will Tovey.

Thank you, thank you Jodi, after spending the last two days of my holiday flat on my back I can now move freely and without pain! I appreciate all the excellent advice you gave me to prevent this happening again. Since seeing you earlier today I have been swimming, fishing and enjoying my stay in beautiful Noosa again.

Nicki Andrews.

I have known Jodi for over 25 years cheers by far the best massages I've ever had in my life.
And I've been everywhere I've been all over Australia and this girl is the bomb, that's why I will continue to see her down at Noosaville.
Rock on!

James J Burno.

Jodi was excellent. Persistent shoulder injury and Jodi got straight to the source of the problem. Very Happy. Highly Recommend.

Andrew Ford.

I cannot recommend Jodi highly enough. She gives a great massage tailored to your needs in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. Ten stars for Jodi.

Vivien Nayler.

Just the best gift I have received in a long time. Jodi is professional, caring and down to earth and her hands work magic. I would highly recommend you visit her lovely space in Noosaville.

Narelle Love.

Jodi is a fantastic therapist, I always leave her room feeling relaxed, healed, and positive. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Brionne Paterson.

I was referred to Jodi by a family friend when I first moved to Noosa, as I was having chronic problems with tightness in my leg that were causing me quite a bit of limited range of motion and pain. I come from a medical & kinesiology background, so I was definitely looking for a professional remedial fix as well as a revitalizing/relaxing massage experience. Jodi was the answer.
She took the time at the beginning of our first consult to talk with me about everything from what was directly causing my problems, to my lifestyle and the way I particularly use my body, to the way I sleep, and even the way I mentally approach the physical activities I engage in. I am always a bit guarded when seeing a new practitioner for things such as this, but Jodi had me feeling comfortable and confident in her knowledge and skills within minutes of sitting down.
I felt that after just this first experience, she worked out so many of my tight/problem areas in just the one allotted hour I scheduled. Her communication throughout the process was clear and professional, especially through the more painful bits on my ultra-tight areas. She even revealed to me that I was carrying one of my shoulders much higher than the other and was unconsciously holding a ton of tension there, and I left knowing what I could do to fix it, as well as how to continue to maintain and personally work on keeping everything else loose that she had worked out.
Not only does Jodi know her stuff with her skills and manipulation, but she is an absolutely wonderful human being, and extremely easy to feel comfortable around and talk to. As we talked, she heard out some of my interests and goals, and set me up with a ton of ideas and interesting things to help me settle in to my new life in Noosa. As you converse with her, her energy, strength, positivity, and caring character as a healer are immediately evident. Here with Jodi, you receive not only remediation of the body, but of the mind as well.
I have been to her several times now, and each time I walked out feeling like a relaxed and revitalized noodle. If you're after some healing, or even just a bit of relaxation and loosening up, Pure Health is the way to go.

Adam Bond.

When I moved to Sunrise Beach I asked around for who does the BEST Massage & Body Healing in town… everyone said repeatedly “Jodi Dysdale”!! And, without a doubt they were right.
Even though it took several days to book in with her...that was okay as that told me she was popular.
And, I must say it was worth the wait as I felt amazing after one session with Jodi.
That I booked in for another session before I left for the USA...and when I return I am looking forward to seeing Jodi again!
She has a great intuition to what my body needed and I must say 2 hours of Jodi’s deep massage work was total bliss.

Sheri Sharman.

Jodi is very knowledgeable and professional. She can really get into the tricky spots. My family members love going to see her for a treatment.

Dr Alex Att.

Best massage I have ever had. Jodi is not only amazing at what she does she is such a beautiful person and truely cares for her clients. Thanks Jodi.

Amy Row.

This girl is amazing. I have seen a lot of massage therapists with the injuries that I have had but never have had anyone as skilled as jodi. From the first session she knew exactly how to help with my chronic injuries and her knowledge on nutrition and supplements is 1st class. Definitely worth giving a try.

Russell W.

Best massage EVER ! Never fail to leave relaxed and feeling great, Highly recommend!

Marnie and Damian Eastaughffe.

I have had all sorts of problems over the years from being physically active and when I start hurting, I see Jodi, and she has been able to put my poor ailing body back on track with those wonderful healing hands. Thanks Jode, you rock girl!

Simon Zooma James.

Having lower back pain for a couple of weeks, in 1 hour Jodi freed me of all pain... the massages are so relaxing & therapeutic. Jodi is a professional and a beautiful person..... thank you xx

Karen Harper.

Jodi has got me mobile again after my latest back episode. So grateful.
She fitted me into to her already busy appointment list - thank you Jodi .

Scott Wallace.

Just recently I had a massage with Jodi . It was so beautiful and relaxing I felt I drifted to another world.. Jodi is very professional and caring and highly skilled.. her passion shows in her work.. highly recommended.

Shirley Fox.

Thankyou Jodie !!!
I came to pure health after a long drive from Sydney, I left feeling relaxed and re energised. I can now highly recommend my family and friends to visit pure health when their in Noosa, her service is professional and very knowledgeable.

James Mangleson.

The straight forward honesty, from a person that really cares for her patients. A fantastic connection.

John O’Sullivan.

I would highly recommended Jodi for a great massage i always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Cheyne Douglas.

Jodi is absolutely amazing and has the knowledge base and experience to help you get in touch with how your body is feeling and how she can help repair it. xx has certainly helped me and would recommend her to the world.

Talitha Mackie.

Just had the most amazing massage, Jodi knew where to find all my stress points and highly recommend to any one looking for quality.

Kasey Paterson.

My first deep tissue massage post major back surgery . My whole body feels lighter, and as a bonus my head and spirit do too.

Serena Taylor.

Very professional. Great massage, convenient location. I now recommend to my clients.

Jill Morley.

We live in the US and come back to Noosa each year and make sure we have massages with Jodi booked for each trip back. She is that good!

Nerida Wilbraham.

Had a massage while on holiday at Noosa and thought Jodi was fantastic. Seemed highly experienced and professional. If I lived locally I would be a regular. Highly recommend.

Jane Van-Eyk.

Had a beautiful massage today with Jodi. I was gifted this massage and she was so lovely and knowledgeable.

Jamie Sudrajat.

Can recommend, but get in early she books up very quick.

Adam Meredith.

Very professional remedial massage six weeks post opp and I will sleep well tonight, thank you Jodi.

Judy Young.

Even though massage wasn't something I understood the benefits of, before i started having treatments with Jodi three years ago, I can honestly say I've never felt better. I highly recommend you see Jodi to fix your ailments and improve your overall wellbeing.

Mark Westgate.

Thank you Jodi...Mum and I are feeling totally blissed out after our massage today ... So good xx

Melody Marie.

Decided to give her a go after reading great feedback online and now having experienced it for myself, very highly recommended.

Heath G Costello.


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